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"My boat is a slave to me; I am not a slave to my boat."
    Yacht Owner.

We offer assistance to the yacht owner, his office staff or the Family Office in becoming familiar with the Maritime Industry to ensure the yacht is being managed and maintained in the most efficient manner. Administration, insurance, documentation, service yards, marinas and general knowledge can be daunting waters for the uninitiated to navigate. Our services provide your office staff with the knowledge they need to effect the proper administration and management of your yacht.

"Thank you for being my spiritual advisor and psychological mentor on all things yachting. Purchasing a boat is one thing, managing it is another matter entirely."
    Yacht Owner.

We are qualified and prepared to make recommendations to companies that provide full management services including payroll, parts procurement, provisioning and logistical planning.

"OK, he bought it and loves sailing it but I have no idea on how to manage it. We are very pleased to have found you."
   Yacht Owner's Personal Assistant.

Smooth running of any boat regardless of crew complement requires clear two way communication between the owner and professional crew. The captain's responsibility and accountability to the owner must be outlined specifically and in return the owner and his staff must have a thorough understanding and appreciation of the captain's role. It sounds simple and should be; however, the vagaries of well intentioned personalities can result in the need for a go-between. We offer that service.

"Thanks, you saved me from having a coronary."
    Yacht Owner

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