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A collective thirty seven years on or around boats and the waterfront has provided a colorful palette from which to draw knowledge, comparisons and conclusions about yachts: their design, construction and intended purpose. We have sailed and inspected yachts in Oceania and the Americas, Finland and Scandinavia, Northern and Southern Europe, the British Isles and Caribbean.

Our mission to the yacht buyer is four fold:

  • Listen to the buyer describe the style of yacht he or she seeks and its intended use.
  • Find the yacht, inspect and sail it with the client to ascertain its suitability and fair value.
  • Accompany the chosen surveyor to ensure the vessel is sound and seaworthy.
  • Facilitate the purchase for a fair price.

Our mission to the yacht seller is four fold:

  • Inspect the yacht to ensure it is sound and seaworthy.
  • Ascertain fair market value.
  • Market the yacht through the appropriate channels.
  • Facilitate the sale for a fair price
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