12 Metres

Introduced as a racing class in 1907, the design of 12 Metre yachts has been governed by scantlings and sailing rules which have resulted in one of the most stable classes of racing yachts in history.

Paul Buttrose has facilitated the sale of the three “Plastic Fantastics”, KZ 3 (twice), KZ5, (twice) KZ 7 and US 27 Enterprise (twice), Heritage (twice) American Eagle, Defender and Weatherly.  Current listings include Australia I, Courageous, Kookaburra III and Victory ’83.

His deep knowledge of the Class is without parallel in the brokerage business. Through management services he has been close to the total refurbishment and optimization of 12 Metre yachts and knows what is required in personnel, parts, equipment and financial expenditure.

Learn more about the 12 Metre Class at www.12mrclass.com